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Who should go to a Chiropractor? Salmond Family Chiropractic Flanders NJ
That depends on who you ask. If you asked a person who was relieved of migraines he'd say that anyone with migraines should go. Ask a woman who suffered from menstrual cramps and she'll tell you anyone with menstrual problems should go. Ask a person saved from back or disc surgery and you'll hear it's for people with spinal, back or neck problems. In fact, there are stories of people recovering from nearly every known disease and condition under chiropractic care: from heart trouble to hyperactivity, from fatigue to allergies, from digestive problems to colds and flu.

Should I go to a chiropractor if I'm suffering from a disease?
Absolutely! Chiropractic care will help turn on your body's natural doctor and improve your self-healing ability. You'd be better able to fight whatever disease or condition you're suffering from.

Salmond Family Chiropractic Flanders NJ Why should I go to a Chiropractor?
Because having a healthy spinal column makes good common sense. If you're sick you should go to strengthen your natural healing ability. If you're feeling fine you should remember that spinal nerve stress (vertebral subluxations) are painless "silent killers." You and your family should get your spines checked periodically to make sure you're living free from hidden spinal nerve stress so you're functioning at your fullest. Why wait for disease to happen before you begin to improve your health?

I'm feeling good, why should I visit a chiropractor?
Because feeling "good" is not the same as being healthy. Too many people who feel "good" have been told they had silent cancers growing within them, or were close to a heart attack, or suddenly fell victim to a stroke! To ensure health you should make sure your spinal column and structural system are healthy - and bring the family! Clinical studies show that all age groups, from infants to the elderly can benefit from chiropractic care.

What causes neck pain?
Salmond Family Chiropractic Flanders NJ When spinal vertebrae misalign even slightly, or their normal mobility altered, sensory and motor nerves can be irritated or even damaged. This is know as vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors have found subluxations to be one of the most common causes of nerve irritation, thus one of the most common contributing factors in neck pain. Subluxation also can cause reduced movement of the head, neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, hand or fingers.


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