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From Lauren’s mom
As a toddler, Lauren suffered from recurring ear infections.  Antibiotics were prescribed.  Stronger and stronger antibiotics had to be used until surgery was recommended.  That is when we decided to try chiropractic.  The ear infections stopped and no surgery was done.

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From Erik’s mom
     I’d like to thank Dr. Salmond for all the help his chiropractic care has given my son, Erik.  Since he was a baby he had problems with congestion which would cause ear infections.  He grew out of the ear infections but not the allergies.  His condition made him lethargic, especially with the medications (antihistamine and decongestants).  He was hard to get up for school and was not attentive at school. With Dr. Salmond’s care, he has been off the medications, even during the spring.  He’s much easier to get up in the morning, and his attentiveness in school caused the teacher to call me at home to say how much better he’s been at school!

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From Rita
Until about a year ago, I’d had asthma all my life.  After only a few adjustments I noticed that I could breathe easier, even after a long walk.  The wheezing that had always been with me was gone.  This was a nice surprise because I hadn’t sought chiropractic treatment for the asthma, but for shoulder and neck pain!  

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From Barbara
I started bringing in my two kids for the overall health benefits of chiropractic and have seen some wonderful and unexpected results!  My son, age 14, had been getting sick frequently and had a bad ear infection which resulted in hearing loss.  Antibiotics were no help.  After just one adjustment, the fluid in his ear started to break up and he began to get his hearing back!  His overall health and growth have been much better since he started getting regular adjustments. My daughter, age 11, had been getting repeated colds and viruses, and the pediatrician was concerned at her last checkup that she was very underweight and not growing as she should be.  After just a few adjustments, my daughter’s appetite improved dramatically!  She’s gained a pound per month since she started chiropractic treatment, has grown out of all her clothes, and hasn’t been sick in six months!  

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I LEARNED THE HARD WAY – FINALLY!      ~   Mariangela
Chiropractic care has always been my #1 option to get ‘fixed up’ after life’s little mishaps like roller skating falls, skiing stumbles, car fender benders, lifting too heavy and object, bad mattresses, etc.  After any of these examples happen, time would pass, the stiffness comes, the pain follows and you then go to the chiropractor for your adjustment and pronounce yourself ‘cured’.  This is until the day when you can’t get out of bed for no apparent reason. And so it happened with me that in June 1996, I hobbled into Dr. Greg’s office.   I couldn’t lift my right leg without using a strap at the thigh to take the pressure off my lower back, and I had to borrow my mother’s cane to get up and down steps.  My spine was so jammed up that very little manipulation could be accomplished.  Getting in and out of the car took forever and to sit down was painful with all kinds of electric-like shock jabs in the lower back.  Gradually things started to loosen up and I was having less pain. Once I started feeling ‘normal’ again, I stopped coming to the office in March of 1998.  After all, I was ‘cured’.  At that point, I still hadn’t learned.  My brain forgot how bad the pain had been until March of 2008.   One day I felt just a little twinge on the other side of my lower back and didn’t think much of it.  I tried some gentle massage of the area and thought resting it would help.  But oh nooo….it wasn’t to be.  This pain was so significant that I just knew I would need surgery – that something had herniated.  No pain pill would help; I couldn’t find any position to lie in.  There was burning, pins and needles sensations, tingling, prickling, crawling sensations, tenderness and numbness up and down my leg and in my back.  The pain would go from throbbing to knifelike.  Even breathing was difficult.  Forget about putting socks on or trying to get dressed.   So I hobbled into the office again to learn that I had sciatic pain.  Again Dr. Greg had to gradually address the problem since it was so inflamed.  He approached it from every direction and used all his skill during the long time that the symptoms lingered, but then they were totally gone and again I was pain free.   Now I’ve finally learned how important regular adjustments are for general well being.  I’ve come to appreciate the power of muscle memory, foot levelers, and chiropractic maintenance.  It might seem that I got away without going for a decade, but that is not the reality.  I could have prevented all that pain had I learned earlier.  With regular visits, Dr. Greg can keep a handle on any little aches and pains to address their origin thus preventing one from getting further into trouble.  For me, regular chiropractic care has been a key to keeping up with a very busy schedule.

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 “Getting up from a chair or out of bed was one of the most trying adventures in my life.  The pain was so debilitating, crawling on all fours with pain pills in hand was the only way I could get around. “Came to Doc Greg. ‘Up against the wall’ was something I only heard in gangster movies.  Cross your arms……….WOW… that it?  No, no, no!  “A gentile ride on the chrome, porcelain, leather-bound express and all your pain and troubles just melt. What a ride!  Pain and pill free!”         How can I say thank you, Gordon   

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Emma’s Story
            My name is Emma and three years ago I started going to Dr. Greg’s chiropractic office.  I have upper back and neck problems that affect certain parts of my body such as my heart.  A couple of years ago I started to experience unexplained spikes in my heart rate.  My parents took me to several different doctors at three different hospitals.  Countless tests later, no-one could tell my parents or I what was wrong or why it was happening.  After these countless tests, my dad had recommended going to Dr. Greg’s office, since my dad had already been attending Dr. Greg’s, and I soon decided to try it.             After a couple of trips to his office I started to feel a difference, not only in my back and neck, but in my heart, too.  The sudden spikes and pressures in my chest depleted quickly and from then until now, I rarely get any spikes.  Thanks, Dr. Greg!  You made a difference. (Note: Emma is 14 yrs. old)   

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Case of the Month
          Dr. Salmond, without a doubt, has changed my life for the better.  I have had problems since I was a teenager into adulthood.  I came to Dr. Salmond in hopes that he could help me prove my doctors wrong – that surgery was my only option. Within weeks I was feeling better and some of my ailments have been cured completely.  I’ve been coming to Dr. Salmond for almost ten years now for maintenance adjustments and would not be where I am today without his help.  I truly believe in chiropractic and I’m thankful to Dr. Salmond and his wonderful staff.  They are all a kind and caring group of individuals!  Thank You!    

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Montel Williams and Chiropractic
          “It’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!” exclaims Montel Williams after less than two weeks of chiropractic care.  Montel has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and explained how, after suffering from pain 24/7, he experienced almost instantaneous relief from pain with his first chiropractic adjustment.  He can now stand straight up without pain for the first time in over 5 years.             Montel’s chiropractor, Dr. Patrick Kerr, said the relief is the direct result of removing pressure on the brain stem caused by misalignment of the atlas, the top bone of the spine.  Misalignment causes mechanical compression of the nerve roots that come out of the spine.  Aligning the spine restores proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body.             Misalignment can be caused by anything from car accidents to bad sleeping habits.  In children, the birth process itself produces spinal misalignment.             There is a video of Montel and his chiropractor on “You Tube.”  You can also read more of his story at:\     

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How Could That Be???        You’ve got to be kidding me!  How could chiropractic care affect a child’s behavior?  This is a common reaction by people when they hear similar accounts.  Zach’s mom thought his tantrums were brought on by some sort of pain that he was experiencing.  As it turned out, Zach had no pain.  His unruly behavior stemmed solely from a spinal subluxation (nerve pressure) in his upper cervical level.      Problems like these are neurological.  That’s right - nerves. Your neurological system governs all functions of the body, whether directly or indirectly.  From digesting your food to fighting off bacterial infections, your nervous system is instrumental in orchestrating the intricate chemical balances your body needs.  When the nervous system is obstructed from its normal by spinal misalignment, the result is malfunction.        In children, this malfunction generally manifests itself as health problems, i.e. frequent coughs, colds, ear infections, etc.  And in some children it can even affect their behavior, i.e. ADHD, hyperactivity, etc.        Spinal misalignment in children can be present as early as day one.  The birth process itself can create enough pressure on a child’s neck to cause misalignment, not to mention inherited weakness, slips, trips, bumps, and bruises.        If something as simple as sugar can affect your child’s behavior, imagine what spinal nerve pressure could do!        If you think your child has no spinal nerve pressure simply because he doesn’t complain of sciatica or neck pain you’ve missed the point!   Spinal nerve pressure generally affects a child’s health level and, without chiropractic evaluation, you’re likely never to identify the problem.        We’d like to thank Susan for sharing Zachary’s experience with chiropractic so that others might learn and benefit.         All this happened several years ago.  How is Zach doing now?  Find out in our next newsletter!        ZACHS STORY     I cannot tell this story enough.  For us, chiropractic has been the answer to a serious problem.     We were experiencing severe temper tantrums with Zachary, one of our two-and-a-half year old twins.  The pediatrician said he was normal, but at the “extreme end of the behavior scale.”  As his mother, I wasn’t satisfied with this answer.  I felt Zachary was uncomfortable in some way or in some kind of pain, and I was desperately searching for answers.     Zachary’s tantrums would last up to an hour.  They included sobbing, nonsense babbling, throwing and breaking things, and often hurting himself, whether biting himself, pulling his hair, or hitting his own head.  He’s thrown himself down anywhere, once down a concrete staircase onto a concrete patio, often in the middle of the street, and just lose control.  Sometimes he’d repeat, “help me, help me, help me.”  Almost anything could spark the tantrums, sometimes just a noise or sound he might not like.  There could be as many as 5 to 6 hour-long tantrums a day.     The behavior started when Zachary was just over a year old and seemed to be getting progressively worse.  His communication skills, which had developed early, were also regressing.  Instead of exchanging information in a typical toddler conversation, he often simply repeated the question asked or words said to him.  He usually preferred to sit alone rather than have someone sit next to him.     We put him on a special diet that excluded sugar, wheat, dairy and more.  We eliminated many cleaning chemicals and perfumes from our home fearing chemical sensitivity.  There was some improvement, but not enough to make life with twin two-and-a-half year olds and a six-year-old manageable.  The destructive behavior was taking its toll on the entire family.     Fearing that one of us would soon need to be medicated; my husband relented and allowed me to take Zach to the chiropractor.  (Although I’ve been under chiropractic care regularly since I was 15, my husband does not believe in its benefits and was opposed to treatment for children.)  My goal was to relieve whatever it was that was causing Zachary pain or discomfort so that the tantrums would become more manageable for all of us.     Under steady chiropractic care, we immediately saw improvement in the degree of the tantrums.  They initially continued to occur almost as often, but were not as severe.  After five weeks of regular visits, the results are nothing short of miraculous.     The tantrums are much more sporadic and last just 5-10 minutes.  Zachary’s grandparents have commented that you can see that he sometimes makes a conscious effort for control, and often wins the battle.  We can often reason him out of a tantrum, and can work with him to “stay calm.”  But there’s more.     His communications skills are back to normal for his age.  He initiates conversations again, comments reasonably on things, and asks and responds to questions.  But perhaps my favorite improvement is the emotional one.  He sits with me all the time and will give me all the hugs and kissed I ask for.  He says, “I love you, Mommy,” whenever the feeling strikes him.  I couldn’t be happier.     My husband remains skeptical that chiropractic was the answer.  He thinks Zachary simply outgrew the behavior pattern, I might agree, except that the improvement has been sudden and threefold.  His behavior, communication and emotional responses have all improved drastically, and the improvements co-inside perfectly with his visits to Dr. Salmond.  I must admit myself the improvements are more than I expected, but all I could have hoped for.

      Zachary’s Update:
       Zach’s mom, Susan, said that during the years since Zach’s “miraculous recovery” there was a time when they had let his visits to the chiropractor lapse to every three weeks.  Unfortunately, the disruptive behavior came back “with confrontations at every turn and physical outbursts that took quite a toll.”        I suggested that maybe it would help if Zach came in every week again and his mom decided to give it a try.  Life is pretty hectic when you have a family of five and Zach’s improvement wasn’t being noticed right away, but it finally got his dad’s attention and he went as far as telling Susan, “He’s our best behaved kid!”  She pointed out to him that once again the change in Zach’s behavior coincided perfectly with the change back to a schedule of weekly chiropractic adjustments.        Susan says she doesn’t know why chiropractic care affects Zach’s behavior so much, but it’s obvious to her that it does.  She’s very thankful that there is something that’s not medication that helps her son.      

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Recently my podiatrist diagnosed my foot pain as a neuroma.  This intense nerve pain was getting worse.  It was interfering with my daily activities.  I had difficulty walking my typical three miles a day.  I also felt intense pain while riding my bike.  I could no longer wear my nice (very expensive) shoes to work.  It was even painful to walk my dog!  It was common for me to take my shoes off while working (under my desk), at restaurants (under the table), and any place and every place.  Rubbing my foot took the pain away for a while (typical for a neuroma).  This condition would come and go and it was VERY, VERY painful.  I mentioned my situation to Dr. Greg, a chiropractor I’ve known for 25 years.  Dr. Greg provides customized orthotics called FOOT LEVELERS for patients experiencing problems related to arch issues.  In the past, I had traditional orthotics and needed a new pair.  I’m now the proud owner of Foot Levelers.   I can walk, ride my bike and walk my dog without any pain.  I’m totally amazed and impressed with the outcome.  I can even wear my dress shoes and keep them on my feet when I’m out!  I’m happy to say I’m also pain free!  No kidding   I’m lucky and appreciative that Dr. Greg is such a wonderful chiropractor who understands how to treat the “whole patient” including their feet.                                                                                        Sincerely, Diane        

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I have benefited from chiropractic care for over 30 years.  Adjustments always provide relief from discomfort, headaches, back and neck pain, limited mobility, etc.      The most dramatic benefit has been with regard to my balance.  I have damage to my cervical vertebrae which causes me to totally lose equilibrium.  This has happened to me twice where I could only lie on the floor with my eyes closed.  I could not stand as I would start spinning and then have to drop to the floor.  I had to be carted off to the chiropractor—there was no way I could get there on my own.  An adjustment immediately stopped the spinning and I could function again.  Additional adjustments alleviated more minor balance issues.      While I have never had a “bad” chiropractor, I must mention that Dr. Salmond gives a complete and thorough adjustment not always experienced with other doctors.         Karen         

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 Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia Wonda’s Story
           I have fibromyalgia and because of this I suffer many symptoms, among which are body aches.  I am pleased to say that chiropractic care has helped me in many ways.  Chiropractic care has treated my misaligned hip and vertebrae and because of these adjustments I feel less tension and pain that I otherwise felt because of the misalignment.  But relief from pain is not the only way chiropractic adjustments have helped me.  Due to the fact that my body is in less pain, I feel more relaxed.  This, in turn, has helped me sleep better.           Another benefit of the treatment is that it helps me with my headaches and migraines.  When I receive regular adjustments I realize that I feel much better all around.  I do trust and have confidence in chiropractic care and feel that it is of great benefit to one’s health.         

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Last September, I started experiencing random spurts of dizziness and vertigo. I couldn`t pinpoint the cause and was baffled by its seemingly sudden onset. I started making doctor appointments and the first doctor I saw told me there is nothing wrong but he doesn`t have any idea why this is happening. The second doctor told me he suspects Lyme disease and tested for it - test came back negative. Later that month, i had a hearing test and saw an ENT to see if something was wrong with my inner ear. This doctor told me everything looked normal but recommended an MRI to rule out seizures, inner ear fissures or anything else with my brain. MRI came back normal. Then I saw a specialist who thought he felt a lump in my neck (was just a swollen lymph node) and suggested another MRI of my neck to rule out something spontaneously decreasing blood flow, resulting in the dizziness. After all the medical tests came back normal, I decided to take the holistic, natural approach to health and saw Dr. Salmond. I was a regular patient a year ago with lower back issues but after that was corrected and I felt great, I neglected to continue with chiropractic care. After talking about my symptoms and concerns with Dr. Salmond, he thought it might be an issue with my upper back and neck. Two days after my first adjustment, I noticed a huge difference in my overall health. After biweekly adjustments for a few weeks, I felt like a brand new person! I am no longer afraid of when the dizziness will strike since I’ve been symptom free since I started receiving chiropractic support! DP
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Shaun`s story My name is Shaun. I suffer from allergies and asthma. I first came to Dr. Salmond for neck pain and headaches. After regular visits for a few months, I noticed a huge improvement in not only my neck and headaches, but surprisingly my asthma and allergies were so much better. I wasn`t needing my inhaler after physical activity near as much, or at all. Chiropractic has given me a lot of relief. I plan to maintain my visits to experience future improvement."  
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     I initially turned to chiropractic care for the neck and back pain that I was experiencing.  I must admit that when Dr. Salmond explained to me that chiropractic care not only helps neck and back pain, but also helps with issues like allergies and sinusitis, I was skeptical.  However, I kept an open mind when starting treatment.  I suffer from allergies all year long and as a result tend to get frequent sinus infections.  Since starting and following chiropractic care on a regular basis, I have only had one sinus infection within the past year and a half.  My allergies also seem to be under better control.  I am truly amazed and pleased at the results I have had.  I am now a believer that chiropractic care not only helps the neck and back, but can also benefit other systems of your body as well.  Thanks, Dr. Salmond!  Jenn
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Cheri’s Story I have terrible back pain or should I say had. When I first saw Dr. Salmond I was in tears from the pain. I was doubtful he could help me. After regular visits and one month of going to him, the pain is gone! I feel like a new person. I had terrible allergies for ten years even after taking medication I would get terrible headaches three to four times a week. Little did I know Dr. Salmond could help me with that as well.  I am now medicine and pain free and no more headaches.
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  Peter’s Story Let`s start off with a true story. I have had chiropractic care from a young age. My mother and father introduced me to a doctor in the 1960`s. Then in 2005 I broke my back! L,1 { Lumbar 1 } was pulverized. Surgery etc. etc. to repair broken back, the pain was horrible. After the surgery I went to the chiropractor with no results. I decided to look for another Dr. and found Dr. Salmond. Dr. Greg evaluated my situation and began treatment. Within several months THE PAIN WAS REDUCED TO ALMOST NOTHING! I was able to walk again. Since then I have progressed to unbelievable health. I am back practicing Martial Arts. Karate was a love of mine since I was very young. This is all due to Dr. Greg Salmond. Dr. Greg from the bottom of my heart I thank you for giving back to me my health, my love of life and my physical ability to practice Martial Arts. Sincerely, Peter
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  Jane’s Story “Several years ago, I went to Dr. Salmond because I suffered from neck problems from working on the computer all day.  Well, not only did my neck get better, but my seasonal allergies did as well.  In fact, I don’t suffer from allergies at all anymore!  It was a gradual process, and after a year or so, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t sneezing nor had an itchy, runny nose.  It’s absolutely wonderful to be free of allergies, and I suffered for most of my life, taking lots OTC antihistamines during the spring/summer.  I would highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Salmond and give chiropractic care a chance.  It really improved my life.” Thanks!   Jane
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Irene’s Story

Since January of this year I have learned the true meaning of stress and what it can do to your body.  My sister passed away suddenly in January.  I drove to Massachusetts where she lived and I was fortunate enough to arrive 15 minutes before she passed. On the way home I developed a screaming pain in my left eye.  After a painful night I went to see my eye doctor.  I was immediately sent to the emergency room.  I had every test – brain scans, MRI’s blood work – and in spite of the obvious pain I was suffering – the doctors could not come up with a result.  I was released with pain medication and told to see a Neurologist.  After a week of medication from the neurologist – with no effect – I was put on steroids. The steroids killed the screaming pain in my eye and forehead – but a severe headache remained. By this time my speech was affected – I was having trouble concentrating, remembering names and blanking out on the discussion I was having. I was desperate and called a friend to ask about a chiropractor in the area. She gave me Dr. Salmond’s name. I did not know this doctor, but I decided that I did not care what his opinion of me was – I was going to lay out all my symptoms – and so be it!  I was pleased to see that Dr. Salmond took my symptoms seriously and did not tell me he would cure me – just that he would do whatever he could to ease my distress. It took 6 visits before I could tell him the pain was tolerable and could be silent for a few hours if I took ibuprofen.  We continued the treatments and shortly I was actually free of any headaches. Then I noticed that my speech had improved – I cannot tell you how much that had frightened me - or the joy I feel at having my “brain” back. I want to thank Dr. Salmond for giving me back my life – for his knowledge of stress and its affect on the body (central nervous system/spine) and for being such a caring chiropractor. 
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Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Likelihood of recommending Dr. Salmond to family and friends is 5 out of 5 responses

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Did this provider leave you unattended for an extended period of time?
Not at all! They were always present and attentive

Were the restrooms well-stocked at this provider's office?
Yes, they were well-stocked

Was this chiropractor friendly?
Extremely Friendly

Did you feel like this provider's office was understaffed?
No, they were fully staffed

Was this provider's office too loud?
Not at all, it was very peaceful and quiet

~~ by Anonymous ~~ September 17, 2013 ~ View on

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Did this provider ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?
No, they've never taken personal calls with me

Did this provider leave you unattended for an extended period of time?
Not at all! They were always present and attentive

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Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Does this provider promptly return your phone calls?  Yes

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Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
I felt better than I have in years when I left. I couldn't believe the difference they were able to make. They've given me a ton
of nutritional and lifestyle tips. They know how important it is for my recovery. They would never suggest that I buy something
that wasn't necessary, and never pressured me. They were always very considerate and professional. One thing I really liked,
was that they kept me updated about where I was at in the recovery process, and how long before I would be fully recovered.
It gave me more of an idea about how much time I could expect to be recovering, and encouraged me on all the progress
I had made. I was completely at ease during my appointment here. They went to great lengths to make sure I was completely
relaxed and comfortable the entire time.

~~ by Anonymous ~~ June 07, 2013 ~ View on

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Wonderful adjustment!
Gentle, Hands On, Courteous, Kind, Compassionate!
My family and I have been getting regular adjustments by Dr. Salmond for many years now. He has a wonderful, gentle,
hands on approach that is sure to please any one. He is kind, compassionate and "in tune" to his patients. No matter how
busy Dr. Salmond is, he always has time for his patients. Dr. Salmond has kept me in good health over the years. Another
plus is that Dr. Salmond's staff is polite, courteous and accommodating. I would recommend all my friends and relatives
to Dr. Salmond.

Would you recommend this business to a friend? Yes
Overall rating: Excellent
~~ by Gayle ~~ July 28, 2012

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterward. I definitely saw a huge difference.
They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions
I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional,
and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after
visiting them. I will continue getting adjusted by Dr. Greg... he is the best!!!

~~ by GGF ~~ January 26, 2012 ~ View on

Salmond Chiropractic Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
First Visit to Dr. Salmond today, I feel 100 Percent better than when I walked in. Very thorough, gives you the complete
rundown of what his goals for you are. Even gives a followup call after your visit to see how you are. I highly recommend
Dr. Salmond to anyone seeking a Chiropractor.
~~ Joey ~~   Created on 04/26/10

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Always thorough and professional. Genuinely interested in patients progress.
~~ Sean ~~   Created on 10/12/09

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
I have been going to Dr. Salmond for about 15 years regularly. His office and service provided have helped me stay
in good health over the years. He is a gentle healer with lots of listening capacity. I recommend Dr. Salmond to
anyone I speak to on the subject of Chiropractors.

~~ by mik854e ~~ 12/14/2007 ~ View on (YP)

Salmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond ChiropracticSalmond Chiropractic
Great Chiropractic Care! I have been a patient of Dr. Salmond for many years now and have always enjoyed his
"hands on" machines, no heating pads. Dr. Salmond has that special knack of knowing where you
hurt even before you do. :-) He is a very caring, compassionate gentlemen with a special gift of healing. I highly
recommend Dr. Salmond for any health problem you may be experiencing.

~~ by gloribee ~ 12/11/2007~ View on (YP)


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