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"I've been receiving chiropractic care for over four years. For me, it's the best medical treatment I've ever had. It has benefited me for every ailment I've had except for a very serious condition I now have. However, I tried chiropractic care along with the other medical treatment and it has assisted my recovery. I recommend it highly for every ailment you have"

Salmond Family Chiropractic Flanders NJ "I once suffered from frequent migraine headaches. My family doctor could only prescribe pain killers. When I began chiropractic care, the headaches became less and less frequent until I got rid of them completely!"

"As a toddler, my child suffered from recurring ear infections. Antibiotics were prescribed. Stronger and stronger antibiotics had to be used until surgery was recommended. That is when we decided to try chiropractic care. The ear infections stopped and no surgery was done."

Salmond Family Chiropractic Flanders NJ "I'd like to thank Dr. Salmond for all the help his chiropractic care has given my son. Since he was a baby he had problems with congestion which would cause ear infections. He grew out of the ear infections, but not the allergies. His condition made him lethargic, especially with the medications he needed to take. He was hard to get up for school and not attentive at school. Under chiropractic care, he has been off all the medications, even during the spring! My son wakes up much easier in the morning and his attentiveness in school is so much better than his teacher called to say how much better he's been at school."

"Until about a year ago, I'd had asthma all my life. After only a few adjustments I noticed that I could breathe easier, even after a long walk. The wheezing that had always been with me was gone! This was a nice surprise because I hadn't sought chiropractic treatment for the asthma, but for shoulder and neck pain!

"I started bringing in my two kids for the overall health benefits of chiropractic and have seen some wonderful and unexpected results! My son had been getting sick frequently and had a bad ear infection which resulted in hearing loss. Antibiotics were of no help. After just one adjustment, the fluid in his ear started to break up and he began to get his hearing back! His overall health and growth have been much better since he started getting regular adjustments.
My daughter, had been repeated colds and viruses and the pediatrician was concerned at her last checkup that she was very underweight and not growing as she should be. After just a few adjustments, her appetite improved dramatically! She has gained a pound per month since she started chiropractic care, has grown out of all her clothes and has not been sick in six months!"

Foot Levelers

"I can't thank Dr. Salmond enough for recommending a free foot scan when I complained of hip pain on one side. After seeing the results of my foot scan, Dr. Salmond suggested Foot Levelers inserts. I thought I would give Foot Levelers a try. I had nothing to lose being Foot Levelers would refund my purchase if I was not satisfied which is amazing being the inserts are custom made just for me! When my Foot Levelers arrived, I took them home, inserted them in my shoes. I did not expect much difference but WOW! was I wrong! My legs do not ache, I feel more balanced and my hip stopped hurting in one weeks time! There use to be a time when I couldn't wait to kick off my shoes and put my slippers on. Now I can't wait to put my shoes on with my Foot Levelers. I don't wear slippers anymore. I wear my Foot Levelers from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. I am amazed at how good Foot Levelers feel and the difference they have made in my life! Thank you, Dr. Salmond and Foot Levelers! "

"Foot Levelers have made my life a lot better! For years, I could not stand or walk on hard surfaces without my legs and back having serious pain. Now I can walk and stand on hard surfaces for a much longer period of time."

"My job requires me to stand on my feet for many hours a day. As a result, I had very sore feet. Foot Levelers orthotics were suggested. They not only made my feet feel better, I also felt improvement in my knees, hips, back and even headaches. I was so satisfied that I ordered six more pairs, one for each pair of shoes!"


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