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Each Bender is a POSABLE MAGNETIC SCULPTURE made of a heavy plastic coated wire that can be shaped any way you would like.   The Benders are highly collectible.   They come packed in their own unique tin (1 7/8" round) with a storybook phamplet*.  Each Bender member is unique in size and shape, sold separately.
*Please note this is NOT the Klutz version. These are the ORIGINAL Benders
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Monkey Benders
Monkey Coconut Tin   $4.99   each

What to monkey around?   Each monkey comes in his own coconut tin which measures approximately 2 1/4 inches at its widest point.   There are 4 different monkeys to choose from.   Leo is bright yellow-lime green.   Max is bright orange.   Roco is blue.   Tito is true royal purple although he doesn't look it in this picture.   Collect all 4!   Sold individually

*Tito is no longer available
Choose your Monkey

Hip Pocket Foot Bag by BC
BC Hip Pocket Foot Bag   $3.29
From the makers of BC yo-yos comes the Hip Pocket Footbag. Brightly colored Rasta Knit   (sorry, no color or design choices)   Classic skill toy that is fun to play with and easy to carry in your pocket.   [ages 5 & up]

Burpy Gun
Burpy Bug Blaster   $4.49   LAST ONE!
Laughs galore and lots of fun!   Burp gun is made of soft rubber complete with 4 balls.   Simply squeeze and the ball shoots out.   Easy reload  [ages 4 & up]

Puzzled Eggs
Puzzled Eggs   $1.99

Unique puzzle that is shaped like an egg.   Easy to hatch, challenging to close.   Each egg opens to a creature.   Great stocking stuffer, in Easter basket, a little something for nothing gift or thank you gift.

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* all others are sold out

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